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Rex Albert, widowed, unemployed, and on the downhill side of middle age, had nothing better to do the day he drove along a soon-to-be-abandoned railroad line through the New Mexico desert.  Then he ran across Comunicado Junction, spur to a twice-failed speculators’ dream from the turn of the last century.  Little did he know that he was about to enter a portal into history- his own included.  Of course, it wasn’t all quite legal, and a couple of people had died, and he might be next, but those things happen.
What Count Otto wouldn’t give right now for a good moat monster!   It’s no wonder he didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  A blight has affected his crops, his kitchen staff’s been poisoned, and all the Counts of the area will gather soon at his castle for a feast.  Worse, there’s a dragon in Yonder Wood over yonder, and it just ate Father Frank yestereve.  And with his moat monster missing, Count Otto has no protection against the Viking traders headed this way…
What was Mary really like? Ask Rivka the gossip. She’ll happily tell you, even if she doesn’t know. Poor Zechariah! Fifty years old, his wife is expecting, and a pregnant teenager has moved in. How does he get a word in edgewise? He doesn’t. That’s what you get for arguing with an angel. What would a childless old priest do if an angel promised him a baby? How would a girl react to a humiliating role in history’s greatest miracle? What was the world really like then? How could such a story possibly be true? All we know about Jesus’ birth and childhood is in four chapters of the Bible—chapters containing such unusual events and characters that they read like a fairy tale. But perhaps the truth may become easier to believe by seeing how these events could actually fi t together with recorded history. So take Sari, the feisty donkey, who has no problem dispatching troublemakers with a swift kick. Toss in some real tyrants and invented thieves. Let uninvited angels stir it up, and get ready for excitement!
Everybody knows Louie… Most would rather not. When Louie comes up with an idea, it doesn’t go a little wrong.  It goes way wrong!  He decides to shape himself up, but that doesn’t work either.  Is it possible for a guy like Louie to change? Stop by Floyd’s Fountain for bad coffee and worse food. Stay long enough to meet Louie, Bob, Miss Phelps, Percy the Motorcycle Bum, and the others. Discover why there’s a place even for the Louies of the world.
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