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Your Feedback is very important to me.
In order to better serve you, I have created two different forms.
You may fill out whichever one is appropriate.
If you wish, you may even change the subject line.
They retraced Otto’s steps through the antechambers.  Before they reached the exit, the
friar in the inner chamber hastened to the Count.

“Would you care to fill out a questionnaire on our service?”  He thrust a form into the
Count’s left hand and a quill pen into his right.  The paper had two square boxes: one very
large with bold writing next to it, and a very small one with tiny writing.  

Otto had never held a pen before.  “What do I do?”

“Draw an ‘X’ in one box, from corner to corner.”  Otto decided to try the larger box.  It gave
him more room to work.  He scratched a shaky “X” and handed the form back.  

“Thank you,” said the friar.  “Your feedback is always appreciated.”

“Have a nice day!” called the second friar as they passed through his antechamber.

“What did the writing say by the box I marked?” asked Otto while MacGregor the Monk
helped him into the saddle.

“Exemplar-r-r-ry ser-r-r-rvice.”

“And by the other?”

“In need of impr-r-r-rovement.”

Count Otto's Dragon)
                                          (c) 2009 by Don Bemis
                                          All r-r-r-rights r-r-r-reser-r-r-rved